Circle Skirt My New Best Friend!

CityScape_ Circle _Skirt
Photo credit: Tuppence Ha’penny

With indulging my affinity for vintage style the circle skirt was sure to catch my eye.  The fabric artist wannabe in me is thrilled that the skirt is an excellent base for any number of artistic designs; i.e., buttons, trapunto, crochet, fabric manipulation, applique and so on.  One of my early attempts of skirtistic art include this one with button embellishment.

It is too bad that I allowed thoughts that being a curvy woman precluded me from wearing these pretty things.  Especially when you consider there are several styles:

  • Full circle skirt
  • Half circle skirt
  • Quarter circle skirt

No more!  I was encouraged when I read this article Circle Skirts: How to Wear Them. None of the models at the end of the article look like me; but that’s okay. Over the months to come I will make and model plenty of them. Sew stay tuned.

Make Your Own Circle Skirt

No need in reinventing the wheel here.  There are myriad of circle skirt tutorials on the web.  Here is a link to get your creative juices flowing. Oh wait, I just had to add Rhonda’s input on making your own circle skirt.


Isn’t this two-toned circle skirt the cutest?  Get the instructions here.

Ms. Tuppence must be the circle skirt queen.  Check out this  carousel circle skirt.  I want one, I want one.  She even shared the how-to sweetheart that she is.  🙂

Photo credit: Tuppence Ha’penny

After trying my hand at the beauties I’ve posted here I think my favorite circle skirt is going to be the half circle skirt.  I’m sure going to have fun finding out.  Stay tuned for Lyrically styled circle skirts.








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3 thoughts on “Circle Skirt My New Best Friend!

  1. Oh, those do like nice. And thank you for the link for drafting them–I needed a reminder on how to do that. I used to draft the circle, but leave one seam open to make capes when Legs needed Halloween costumes. I’m seeing a skirt in a solid color, perhaps the 1/2 circle, for an office skirt next summer. (Maybe–if something else doesn’t come along. 😀 )


    1. OOhh 1/2 circle skirt. Why wait until next summer though. They’re such versatile lil boggers. Oddly, check THIS out: I done died and went to heaven. I’m about to put this on my “Desires” page. I am seeing a skirt, with this bias, not the whole thing because it’s humid here, but definitely partially placed; hand stitched. UUUwww weeee, I’m excited.



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      1. Umm, mainly because I’ve got three rooms in my house torn apart, and Christmas is coming? I really don’t have time. Hmmm, I’m not sure about the cotton jersey on their example? It seems very heavy. But done in lightweight cotton batiste, with the same for the bias? That would be very lightweight.


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