Vintage Style Hosiery


I may be curvy, plus-sized,  “ample”, fat, or whatever you want to call it and I have taste and want to look my best (read that “cute”).  As you know accessories top off the outfit.  In this semi-tropical region many of the ladies go bare-legged and it has it’s place.  Yet, hosiery adds the right amount of je ne se quoi for a ladylike look when you want to be above average. Stocking Store is the choice for your hosiery desires.   I am almost sure I found out about them from Brittany at Va-voom Vintage.

For the Fuller Figure Our Plus Size collection of hosiery, corsets, shapewear, bridal wear, and lingerie for the fuller figured woman. We are one of the few hosiery stores online with stockngs and pantyhose up to sizes 6X and 7X. The sizes that we include in our Plus size category, range from Queensize (X-Large) up to size 6 and 7X. Click on the subcategories at the left to find what you’re looking for.

Cuban heeled seamed stockings What a difference a day makes. When I was a young thing I recall wearing garter belts. They were such a pain. Now, the look of garters and stockings is sexy as far as I am concerned. We won’t even mention the cool flow of air down there when sporting them. I can’t say I have ever felt silk stockings on these legs but boy do they look as if it would be a terrific experience. I remember my mom wearing silk stockings from Hanes. I would sit and watch her prepare for work and her legs looked great in those shiny, silky hosiery. I still don’t have gams like she had. Thankfully I too can have that look – even at my size.



Opaque tights For upcoming cooler weather these will be my tights of choice.  They come in myriad of colors which will be nice with skirts as well as riding boots.  Tights may or may not be vintagey but they’ll serve my purposes in style.


Shopping for vintage style hosiery led me to a wealth of information.  The History of Stockings may be of interest to you too.  If you’re into seamed stockings like I am visit  Pandora’s place.







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