Everything Goes Bag


As a newbie quilter I went coo coo for Cocoa Puffs over quilted totes. In comes The Everything Goes Bag. After being gifted a Vera Bradley tote bag, that I use to carry books in for worship each week, I thought “Certainly I can make one of these for myself”. Come to find out there are myriad of quilted tote patterns for the taking online. The Everything Goes Bag caught my eye initially because of the pattern title. I desired a bag large enough to hold a Bible, notebook, songbook, highlighters, pens, another small Bible study aid book with a tad more room to spare and still look cute. Ta-dah! The Everything Goes Bag. The bag measures 14.5″wide x 12″ high x 5″ deep.

Paris fabric has been catching my eye this spring and summer. Can’t seem to get enough of it (hmmm, do I see a 50s style dress coming?) This hit me as the perfect choice for my bag. In addition to having the Paris vibe there is a splash of my favorite color incorporated – red. This fabric is by Timeless Treasures Fabric of SoHo, LLC, Pat # PARIS-C 9661. This was an Etsy purchase entitled, “Paris Sepia Tone Eiffel Tower French Timeless Treasures Collage Cotton Quilt Fabric, seller: ZeetZeet, $13.75.

  • Fabric B: Stars on Rust, donated by a quilting friend.
  • Lining Fabric C: Paisley print in rust, green, pink, white, from my stash.
  • Zippers: Thrifted @ .10 ea.

Now I need some Inn Control or Soft-N-Stable for the outside panels and I can get started cutting. Stay with me as this project unfolds. I think this will be my September Make A Garment A Month Challenge project.


If I recall this may be my first project using a D-ring.  Initially I thought the tab covered a magnetic closure.  Apparently it is there purely for decoration.  The fold of the pocket is secured in place by stitching near the fold of the tab.

D-ring and tabs

This is a cool technique and allows for multiple looks actually.  I chose a burnt orange thread for top stitching and echo stitching around the pockets to pick up the color of the stars in the alternate fabric.  A cranberry colored thread would have been nice with the Parisian main fabric.  I played it safe, I suppose, with the dark orange choice now that I see it laid out.


This is the inside of the bag before attaching the lining.  The pattern called for Inn-Control or Soft-N-Stable but I confess not having the money for those products.  This was a stiff Pellon, also used for such projects, that I got from Wal-Mart.  I’ll bet this will be a bugger when it comes time to turn it inside out.  Well, at least I’ll only have to do that once.


Sorry for the blur.  When I take a final  photo I will replace this one.   I was holding it open with one hand and attempting the shoot with the other.  I guess I was so excited that it’s coming together nicely that I just had to sneak in a photo.

Competed bag lining


This is the zipper, facing, and batting inside the facing.  It was an interesting put together.  I’ve only done one other zippered tote so I don’t have much experience with it.  The other one seemed easier.  For one thing the pattern called for a plastic zipper that should be cut at 17″.  Well, this is a metal zipper (I just figured that would be better than plastic for an item that will be used twice a week from now until Armageddon).  I hadn’t read that portion of the pattern that called for plastic though I probably would have gone on with a metal zipper anyway.


I am hoping I can simply stuff the extra zipper down inside the tote and keep it moving.  This bag will be zipped and unzipped myriad of times I needed it to be sturdy.


Inner security pocket.

This was my first time installing a zippered pocket.  The thought of it was worse than the actual experience, LOL.  But isn’t that how it usually is?


It was rainy today so the lighting was minimal.  I positioned the pocket on my knees as I sat near the sliding door to get as much light as possible.  The flash on my camera has been wonky for a while now.  Can you say, “Lyric needs a new SLR digital camera, dear hubby!”?  The cell pockets are cool because I made one for my current “dumb” phone as I call it, but there is enough room to the left for the upcoming cell phone which will probably have to be a “smart” phone (rolling my eyes).

It just occurred to me that of all the Everything Goes Bag images I have seen online none of them show an inside view.  The advertisements state, “Two padded pockets inside cleverly hold a 7 1/2″ x 10 1/2″ tablet. In addition, there’s room for a 10 1/2″ x 7 1/2” Netbook.  Well, I can’t wait to see if that’s true the pockets seem too small for all of that to me off the top of my head.  When I get back home I’ll check the measurements.  Not that I have a tablet or Netbook; but I do have a lot of stuff.

It is supposed to rain tomorrow and if it does can you say, “project complete”?  Stay tuned for the Lyrically styled Everything Goes Bag.

Without further ado:





Everything Goes Bag Rear View

Oh and a new Bible cover ta boot:








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6 thoughts on “Everything Goes Bag

    1. Hello Dawn:

      OOOhhh, a 50s style dress out of the Paris fabric . . . mmmm, I wish. Not in my budget right now; oh how I wish. This was has a sepia tint, I have seen the ones without and just as yummy.

      Thank you for stopping by and commenting. 😉


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