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1202_Sewaholic_Cambie_Envelope_front I discovered the Cambie Dress about a month or so ago and have been spazzing about it ever since.  Doing things like surfing the Internet to see what other sewists have done with her.  When I start this dress it will be an extensive post because I love this pattern and want to talk about it.  There is definitely going to be a muslin of the bodice because I want this baby to turn out looking professional.

Exciting news!

Sewaholic Patterns – Sept 16 at 1:10 AM = Order Status Changed; Hi Lyric, An order you recently placed on our website has had its status changed. The status of your order is now Shipped

YAY!!!  Get this,  I don’t even have fabric for the dress yet and here I am all hyper about when it is being shipped.  Then again, I can be working on the muslin getting that bodice all down pat for when I do have the fabric.  Yes, that’s the ticket! What IS it about this frock that has me (and apparently a bunch of other sewists) going gaa gaa?  Looking at the photo above it’s a simple dress; not at all fancy schmancy. Truth be told I am concerned about how I will look in view B (but I’m gonna make at least one anyway).  Initially I had my eye on view A because it is an a-line.  Oh, and the pockets definitely caught my eye.   I tell you I am going to need at least one 50s style petticoat/crinoline.  Not too puffy, but one nonetheless. To whet our appetites here are some I’ve seen on the ‘Net:

Sew Busy Lizzie’s Version

I like Lizzie’s version because of the waistband detail.  She chose a different type of dots with reverse color action. How clever!  If you click on her link you’ll see she incorporated some way cool hem action by adding a pretty lace.  I have GOT to try that on at least one of  the many of my upcoming Cambies. Cambie_lining_hem When it comes to embellishment sometimes I think you can never have too much!  Look at the beautiful neckline, bodice and sleeve detailing Scruffy Badger added.  She says this is rick rack;  however, just now looking at a close-up of her photograph it is apparently rick rack on steriods.  It looks as if it is blue rick rack with a white satin or some such stitch on the edge of the rick ram trim.  I wonder if she’ll share.  I’m going to ask her.  Hum Jeopardy while I pop over to her site to shoot her a message. cambie-dotty-3 You know this version caught my eye because of the piping.  Oh yes, there will be a piped version from me and Tabitha for sure.  Perhaps two:  one in A-line style and the other with the full skirt! Cambie_Dress_Les_Mademoiselles Would you look at that piped hem!  Oh, I am so on this Cambie dress. Cambie_piped_hem Update:  My pattern arrived today!!!  Looks like a wearable muslin with piping like the one above is in order for October.  I am sew excited. Stay tuned for details of the Lyrical version of the Cambie dress.

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7 thoughts on “Cambie Dress Sewaholic

    1. Hello Asta,

      I practically camped out at the post box waiting on this pattern, LOL. I sat down this afternoon and read over the instructions and daydreamed over it. I’ve decided to make a wearable muslin in October. I do know it will be piped to the max (I love piping; so vintagey).

      Thanks for stopping by.




    1. First, congratulations on the upcoming baby. Will you be like Casey of Elegant Musings and sew and feature items you make for Mom and Baby? 🙂 I have a new granny and my DD has expressed interest in vintage style items for her. She saw a pic of me and my brother in the 60s I believe in our Easter duds. Yeah, Mom and Dad had us dressed to the nines back then. Anywho, I am going to definitely make her a vintage style coat and hat like I had (among other yummy, girlie things).

      If you will, follow me on Bloglovin (link in right sidebar) and see what I come up with Cambie style! Thank you for visiting Sew Lyrically Vintage.




      1. Thank you! I will continue posting my pattern reviews and be adding more and more baby reviews I’m sure. I can’t help but want to make him stuff!! He’s not even here yet and I’ve already made a lot. I have so much to update on my blog. That’s great she’s getting into vintage styles – they are obviously my favorite <3. I'll follow you on Bloglovin' – follow me too! 🙂


      2. You betcha. Will “git r done” this evening right after I finish discussing my new website banner with the graphic designer. I do, I do, I do hope he makes me something I’ll like. Ay yi yi.


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