Fabric Shopping Excursion

Fingering a fabric I had to leave behind, booh hoo!

What could be better than a day spent with your girls on a fabric shopping spree topped with eating out?  It was Ms. L, Mother S, and me on the open road to St. Petersburg to shop ’til we dropped.

Approaching St. Pete

For those who don’t know I love water and the Bay fits the bill.  I don’t know how many shots I have of the Bay but I never tire of taking them.  The bridge over to St. Pete is way cool but you can’t tell from this photo.  Oh how I miss my Canon.  This was taken with me hanging out of the passenger side window.  We made pretty good time reaching our destination in under two hours.

The hubby says these are “African Geese”

Laura, the owner of the fabric shop, has a way cool establishment.  These African Geese (I’ve named them Dixie and Doxie) were on the lanai a we were shopping.  They came right up to the door.  Mother S being the lover of nature couldn’t contain herself.  She went running out to see them gleefully.


Next thing we knew, this bird came to visit.  Isn’t it lovely scenery?  I don’t blame them for stopping by.  But, I had to get back to my shopping.  I left Mother S to adore them.  But, since I was already out there why not take pics of the lake out back.  I told Laura if I lived there I would never leave the house.  I mean “Hey!”; fabric AND lake!!!!  I just had to see what was beyond these beautiful stairs.


Look at the beautiful lake where the pretty birds surely bask.


As beautiful as it was I had to pull myself away and get back to the task at hand:  FABRIC SHOPPING!!  I tell ya, there is nothing like going fabric shopping with your girls, not being rushed in any way, shape, or form.  Check out my finds!


Lyric’s Fabric Finds
Trying to get a better shot

Let me tell you about my finds – first of all the sum total was $12.00!  Squealing gleefully!  As I sew up these beauties you’ll see close-up, nicer photographs of the fabric.  Meanwhile, here’s what I got:

  1. A red, printed rayon-like fabric (none of the fabric content was listed; I’ll explain why later) – from memory $2.00 and some change
  2. Celadon green shantung-like fabric – $1.00 and some change
  3. Vintage-look print fabric (lt. green, white, with pumpkin and lt. green pattern)
  4. Grey poly but has look and texture of linen (which is why I selected it) – $2.00 and some change
  5. 2 packs of yellow vintage piping – 40 cents each
  6. Red rick rack – 40 cents
  7. Navy blue with white polka dots bias tape – 40 cents
  8. Navy rick rack – 40 cents
  9. Aqua piping – 40 cents
  10. Gold piping – 40 cents
  11. 4 remnant packs @ 25 cents each

Last, but certainly not least I got these at $1.00 each:


You all know I love fabric embellishment from my post last week so the Indygo Junction pattern on the left should be no surprise.  It’s the type of pattern that is a fabric artists’ dream.  As one of the “curvy” (read that big) gals it seams asymmetrical lines have always caught my eye.  So, when I saw the L. J. Designs Asymmetrical tunic, oh yeah, I had to have it – and at $1.00!  Oh, we won’t even talk about the skirt’s hemline.  Look at it!

Check it, Laura (the seller) was found by my girl, Ms. L., on Craigslist.  Miss Laura was very friendly and accommodating.  She has over 2,000 square feet of fabric, notions, supplies, patterns and more.  I think Ms. L told me that she gets her fabric from various sources including folk gifting it to her thus she does not always know the fabric content.  When we arrived she gave us a tour of the layout of the land so-to-speak before allowing us to shop.  The majority of her fabrics range from $1.00 to $3.00.  She has everything from knits to woolens with everything in-between.


We left late afternoon after a wonderful afternoon of fabric bliss at which time we went out to eat.  I’d say we pulled in just after dark and this was the view in Mulberry on the way home.  Sigh!  A happy, satisfied bunch of ladies we were.






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2 thoughts on “Fabric Shopping Excursion

  1. Mary Betsy

    Oh my goodness! This mecca is in . . . I can see going down there to shop Miss Laura’s amazing stash! Are you able to share contact details for her? Also thinking about how I can get away with doing this in my house…


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