Button Embellished Skirt


This beautiful necklace set was gifted to me last night by one of my spiritual sisters.  She said it would go with my button skirt and was she ever correct!  I just had to share this with you all.

One day while perusing a local library’s sewing section I stumbled upon a book devoted entirely to skirts entitled 49 Sensational Skirts: Creative Embellishment Ideas For One-of-a-kind Designs by Alison Willoughby. What a treat when I opened and began reading it. Skirts are so comfy and versatile. Change the top and there you have it, another look entirely. Textile design and manipulation can be so interesting. You should see what Alison Willoughby has done with a plain, simple skirt. Oh, and get this, she includes a pattern with the book!


Started working from the outside in of the circle.

Of the 49 skirts there are at least 10 that have my name written on them. I’m starting with the button embellished skirt. I don’t know if it’s the buttons, the ivory color, or what, but it hit me and hit hard. As you may see above I have completed the outer ring of the skirt and began the second row of buttons.

The skirt is wrap style and will be lined with the same type of fabric. I have not settled on the closing yet but ties seem to be winning. Ms. Willoughby mentions a type of closure in her book that I adore but am not sure if I can locate (and afford) it at this time; perhaps by the time I get to my second button embellished skirt creation. Here is an update of my skirt:

Vintage buttons from a variety of sources
It’s getting there!

Found these buttons yesterday at a local thrift shop. Absolutely fell in love with them. What do you think: on the skirt or no? Gotta have em! vintage_button

The thing is . . . I think I’ll need more buttons, LOL. I have been begging friends and scouring second hand shops in search of buttons for this project and the next (black and pink). So, if you have buttons you don’t want, this sewist has her hand raised to take ’em. Perhaps we can do a swap, your buttons for some of my country fresh goat milk soap. It does wonders for your skin and clothes.

And heeeere’s the finished product . . .


Overall, I like this skirt.  Were I to do it again I would lengthen it about 1.5″.  I’ve been thinking about cutting the button circle out and using it as an applique on a different skirt made with another type of fabric.  Yes, the skirt is crazy cool noisey and I’d say it is heavy.  I used super duper snaps at the waistline.







Sobriety from electronic sewing machines since 2012

16 thoughts on “Button Embellished Skirt

  1. Oh my gosh! I had forgotten I bought this book way back when I first started sewing again, but I never made anything from it. This is so cute, I have to grab this book out of my book case and give it a try. I remember one version with simple but really cute embroidered spirals. Thanks for the inspiration, and for the reminder! Really lovely skirt!


    1. Hello NancyD,

      Thank you for stopping by AND taking a moment to compliment. You’ve reminded me that I had intended on making more of her lovely skirts. I had even begun accumulating materials to make a black and peach one. Then when I started learning to quilt my skirt projects went on the back burner. You’ve reminded me that I should bring them back to the fore though. The one you mentioned was definitely on my radar. By the time I got to the end of this book there were myriad of neon Post-It Notes of projects I wanted to make, LOL.

      We should start an Embellished Skirt Challenge or something.


  2. Béa

    I just saw this on Flickr, and had to come and read the full blog post. What a gorgeous skirt! I love it! I’m in the middle of making a button belt, but now I wish I’d seen this first- it’s a real inspiration.


  3. Leila in USA

    Your skirt is awesome! I’ve decided that you must have a LOT of patience & stamina to sew all those buttons on! I have a box of old buttons – mostly round, but I don’t see them in Joann’s etc. I will give you some, no problem, just let me know the colours.


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