Sad Iron

My sad iron!. Yes, I actually use this!

While visiting Pinterest I stumbled upon a board “Laundry Day-Old School”. It’s reminding me of my Sad Iron that I use on the regular made from cast iron. Being off-the-grid I had to find something and thanks to the Internet I learned about Sad irons.

For now I’ve been using the one on the left because the other is rusty. Ideally both should be in commission that way while using one the other can be on the stove heating up. These babies hold a lot of heat which is kind of cool.


I’d always heard they were called “Sad Irons” because the person who used them would be sad about ironing and having to use such a heavy piece of equipment. A couple of facts from the article “The sadiron — whose name derives from the Old English word “sald,” meaning solid — first appeared in the 17th century. The first significant improvement of the sadiron was achieved by Mary Florence Potts of Ottumwa, Iowa. In 1870, Mrs. Potts was granted a patent for a sadiron pointed at both ends, making it handy to iron in both directions. The following year, Mrs. Potts endeared herself to housewives when she patented a sadiron with a detachable handle, thus allowing the iron to be heated without also heating the handle. These sadirons were sold in sets of 3, with a single handle.” But, you should check out the original article for more interesting information about the “Sad Iron” now known as sadiron. (

Sadiron Care

In my search for proper care of my sad iron I did stumble upon this: “Irons should be kept immaculately clean, sand-papered, and polished.” Some of the information I am finding seems geared toward collectors versus people like me who actually use their sad iron for day-to-day chores.



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