Denim Surgery: Skirt to Jeans


Let’s make things interesting.  How about another garment for the  September MAGAM challenge?  Going through my closet yesterday deciding what is a give-away and what are keepers I decided to discard a couple pair of jeans.  Then I remembered my blog mission here:  to recreate my wardrobe from the wearing of pants to vintage style dresses and skirts.  “Denim surgery – reuse, repair, recycle, revamp, redesign” I decided instead of thrifting these I would keep them and repurpose the jeans into a cute denim skirt.

Here’s the tutorial of choice that I turned to for making my skirt.

Years ago as a child I used to do this regularly but somehow got away from wearing denim skirts.  It will be fun to revisit the process.  Ooh, look what I found:

Check out that bias trim at the hem!

Hot diggity!  Would WOULD I do without Pinterest?  For ideas to get you going check them out.  Okay, I am on denim revamp overload.  Check out the photos on this  flickr group.  Oh wait here is another skirt that I found on Pinterest.  This may look better with my body shape too.  No, it will look better (though the one above is sew way cute).


This is the one I’ll shoot for but with a navy blue bias trimmed edge like above.  Stay tuned as I bring this baby to life.







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