Jacob’s Ladder Quilt

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One of my spiritual brothers can use some encouragement so I decided to make him a Jacob’s Ladder quilt of his own.  He’s never had one before and I am getting excited as I go about planning it.  As a starting point I know he likes black, black, and did I say black?  They tell me some teens go through a black phase.  I overheard him telling someone that he also likes red.  Now the quilt is going to really  fun to make because black and red are at the top of my favorite colour combo list.  Plus, they are my high school colors; yet I digress.  White will be a nice colour to offset this quilt design.

The next consideration was pattern.  Which quilt block should I make?  There are only thousands to choose from.  The solution:  put it to the quilters at Missouri Star Quilt Company Forum.  As always that was a good idea.  Jacob’s Ladder quilt block was suggested by one of the quilting divas (among some others, of course).  Some of the other suggestions I have in mind to use for other quilts – you know the “I’m gonna make” list in your head.  On the other hand this Jacob’s Ladder is new to me and since it is one of my first quilt blocks, I believe I can pull this one off successfully as a newbie quilter.  Plus, I think my little friend will like it.

The other day I found a fabric remnant and purchased it for this project.  It arrived today, is black with white small polka dots.  It’ll work nicely.



I’ve got my eye on a couple packs of these charms.  I will have to supplement yardage to make a twin sized quilt.

brw charm pack

Oh, but what if they don’t go with the Jacob’s Ladder quilt block?  These charms are 4″; guess I’ll have to double check before purchasing.  Then again, I have been invited on a fabric shopping trip next weekend.  Hopefully I can get all I need for the quilt top there.  I’m excited at the possibilities because I am told the shop owner has floors and floors of fabrics to choose from at very reasonable prices.  We will make it a day trip as she is in a different city than ours.  We’ll shore up our plans this Thursday.  I surely hope this will be a go.

The quilt will have a flange and at least one thick border along with bias binding. Here is the Jacob’s Ladder tutorial I’m going to use.

Jacob's ladder block_9224

I found this quilt block online which was kinda cool because it gives me a semi-visual of what mine may look like.


Stay tuned as this fun quilt comes together.  Follow me on Bloglovin’ (link in the right sidebar) and you’ll be among the first to know as I update you on this project.






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