Pattern Weights


Bean bag style pattern weights

Thank goodness for Pinterest.  I think that’s where I first heard of pattern weights in lieu of pinning.  Initially I was going to dolly up washers from the hardware store. to make pattern weights  but these babies allowed me pull from my stash.  They are truly scrappy pattern weights.

Pattern in progress from fabric stash

These scraps are a recent acquisition from our local thrift store.  There was a freezer bag full of 3″ squares and other things.  Upon first site I wasn’t going to buy them but something told me to get them for my stash at the very least.  Obviously I am glad that I did!  The top two squares are from a hand sewn skirt that I made this summer.

Scrap stash busting

Again, I went to my stash to find ribbon for the handle.  The ribbon at the top right side I couldn’t stand.  The yellow on the left is promising.  Here’s the thing about the ribbon at the bottom of the photo . . . I believe it to be petersham.  Petersham!!!!  I love the stuff ever since I learned of it last summer.  There is a marked difference between petersham ribbon and grosgrain.  Check out what A Fashionable Stitch has to say about petersham vs. grosgrain. I am sew glad I stumbled upon her information last year while researching the topic.


Yet, I digress, I did not want to use my good petersham for pattern weights.  Umm, but I did anyway!  Decided I’m going to be looking at and using these weights regularly and I’m worth it.  I can’t enjoy them tucked away in my stash for a “what-if/when” moment.  Carpe diem as they say.



Here is what I came up with.  I am thinking the bean bag ones will actually hold down a pattern.  Not so sure about these cute lil ones.  But, boy are they cute, LOL.



For inquiring minds here are the sources for these patterns.  Funny, the tye-dye ones did NOT turn out nice and pyramid-like as they should have.  Decided not to sweat it as long as they hold down my patterns like I need them to.







Sobriety from electronic machine sewing since 2012



4 thoughts on “Pattern Weights

    1. Hi NancyD,

      Noooo, I haven’t invented anything, LOL. I got these patterns off Pinterest (think I included a link in the post).

      Thanks for stopping by and finding something useful though.




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