Sewing and Quilting Supply Blessing

Sewing and quilting supply find

This quilting and sewing supplies blessing must be shared. Lee advertises on Craigslist for customers and yesterday while sitting down at lunch I glanced at his computer and saw an ad for a quilting and sewing supply sale. Get this, he wasn’t trying to click on the quilting and sewing supply ad and had clicked it by mistake.

This caught my eye because I am new to quilting as in only been at it for a couple of weeks. I was a tad surprised at the list of supplies required for some reason thinking I’d only need scissors and a template; oh and fabric of course. Come to find out I needed rulers, rotary cutters, self-healing mats, special pencils and that’s to start. I’m counting this find as a blessing because as an unemployed person there is no way I could have afforded these items.


There’s more to the story. These items became available due to the demise of the original owner. Her daughter advertised to clear out her mom’s sewing room. The mom had converted her garage to a sewing/crafting room and it is nice sized and well appointed with shelving and cabinets. I was allowed to “shop” the room at my leisure. This turned out to be a two-visit excursion; yesterday and this afternoon.

Here is an off the top of my head listing of my quilting and sewing supplies find:

  • Pinking shears
  • Quilting pins, Silk sewing pins
  • A small, metal, antique sewing machine clock
  • A cute sewing machine pottery ornament made into a sewing machine
  • A quilting book and magazines
  • Buttons galore
  • Two rotary cutters and an extra blade
  • Self-healing mats
  • A solid wood ruler holder
  • Several stainless steel sewing shears
  • Dressmaker’s ham
  • Tailor’s thingy
  • Vintage dressmaker patterns
  • Quilting fabrics
  • Trims (lace, piping, rick-rac, ribbon, bias tape, eyelet, petersham tape, and entredeux
  • Vintage Singer buttonholer

And, that’s just for starters. There is a gold bag in the background chock full of stuff. Oh yeah including two wall wood thread spool holders. Lee wound up leaving me to go pick up the crumbsnatchers which was fine with me. Ahh, alone with piles of fabric. A normal woman’s dream. I believe I spent about four hours there rummaging . . . alone. One other person called about the ad; however, when the daughter returned the call there was no answer. Awwwww, que lastima!

I am so thankful that I happened to see the ad on Lee’s computer at that moment. Like I said, he was intending on putting up an ad of his own and hit the wrong key which displayed the quilting and sewing supply ad. I had to raid the penny jar (literally); but there is a time for pride and this was not it. Besides, pennies are money; they spend too.

Awe-inspired, blessed, and happy,






Sobriety from electronic sewing machines since 2012


8 thoughts on “Sewing and Quilting Supply Blessing

    1. Hi Natalie:

      Unfortunately a woman died and her daughter had her whole sewing/quilting room items for sale :-|. I would NEVER have been able to afford all of this at one time.

      Thanks for stopping by.



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  1. My goodness what a haul! And I’m sure the daughter was happy it was bought by someone who will enjoy it. BTW, the “tailor’s thingy” is called a tailor’s ham (cloth) and the wooden thingy is a combo tailor’s point presser and clapper. I doubt you will need them for quilting, but they will come in handy with your lovely dressmaking. And that teapot! I think I have the same one!


    1. You know, OddlyEnded,

      I was dusting my sewing area yesterday and ran into the “combo tailor’s point presser” and said to self, “I’ve GOT to find out what this thing is AND how to use it”; LOL. Thanks for the info and for stopping by for a visit. Which reminds me I need to make a new ironing board cover for the regular and table sized ones. I want a way cute theme-novelty cotton, quilting fabric.

      You made my day!




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