Fabric Stash Organizing: Get Your Scrap Therapy On!

Lyric’s way cool fabric stash

The picture of my fabric stash should probably cause embarrassment to share with you all.   Doesn’t everybody use repurposed USPS shipping boxes to store their scraps?  Hey, I promised the good, bad, and the ugly of this journey of wardrobe recreation so there it is.  The, ahem, organization of my fabric stash has always begged attention especially since I began learning how to quilt.  Then when I was given a beat up trailer (oh, did I say that) I meant sewing studio, I figured I had it made in the organization department.  Then I was shown this book that I devoured in one sitting, of course:

Apparently there are myriad of books on organizing fabric scraps.  But since Joan Ford’s is the first one I read and it made sense I might as well go for it and give her Scrap Therapy program a try.  Thank goodness for the public library system as I found out about a subsequent book that she wrote.

Actually I read ScrapTherapy® Scraps Plus One!before ScrapTherapyTM Cut the Scraps!: arrived.  Now that I have read both books I plan on purchasing her first book because I like the Scrap Therapy method and she included instructions for a tote bag that uses this “magic” stuff that shrinks fabric and gives an interesting surface texture.  There may have also been another quilt that caught my eye in the book; I don’t recall this second.  The second book repeats the Scrap Therapy method and does add a little something-something extra.  I suppose that’s the “plus one” of the book.

Stay tuned as I go from the photo above to something like this:


Not!  But ain’t it purty?  I’ve got a thing about Mason jars that’s why this Pin caught my eye.   I am kinda feeling this with neat piles of fabric, of course:


Stay tuned for my version of Scrap Therapy.




Sobriety from electronic sewing machines since 2012


2 thoughts on “Fabric Stash Organizing: Get Your Scrap Therapy On!

    1. Giggles!!!! So many ways to get our scrap therapy on. Honestly, I keep thinking “What if I do all this cutting and when I want to make a quilt there is some other size needed?” Duh on me! Then again, I guess if I’m cutting up just the SCRAPS versus yardage it shouldn’t be that big a deal. Everyone’s scraps look so neat and purty and cute when done.

      Stay tuned. Let’s see what I wind up with.



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