1930s Peep Toe Pumps


What a find!  It’s been a while since I purchased vintage and I am pleased as punch with these Life Stride 1930s Peep Toe Pumps in Black Leather Mesh.

A bit of 1930s lore:

Women’s fashion in the 1930′s featured long gowns, modest heeled shoes, and the new two piece suit. Butterfly sleeves, floral prints, and ruffles shaped 1930s dresses into beautiful and feminine silhouettes.  Between 1929 and 1932 the income of the average American family was reduced by 40%.   Survival was the name of the game.

Life Stride

Surprisingly, a variety of shoe styles were available during these trying times; rounded toes with thick heels; pumps, flats, ankle straps with moderate heels; slip-ons, lace ups, buckled; spectator and two tones. 

The new fad for outdoor activities brought sandals back into fashion. (Hey, you can only read and play board games so much.) We haven’t seen the sandal since Rome!  They started out as beachwear then developed into party and eveningwear.  Black was most common for day shoes but wine, maroon, and navy were also seen.  For evening, plain court shoes were seen gadding about with asymmetrical trims, peep toes and sling back heels. 


My peep toe pumps feel good, look good, and will complement many outfits!

1930s style eye candy. Look at those prices!





Reference:  headoverheelshistory.com/1930.html


2 thoughts on “1930s Peep Toe Pumps

    1. Thanks Oddlyended,

      I wore these shoes today to worship. Gotta find a part-time job to handle my “habits”; i.e., sewing and eBay, Etsy shoe buying, all things vintage buying, LOL.



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