Hand Stitching Treasures


Thanks to Gwen Gyldenege over at Calm Under Tension I found out about an apparently amazing tailor, Stanley Hostek. And here I thought I had everything I needed in Gertie’s book, LOL. Seriously, a true student never ceases to learn and I will be more than happy to add his book to my library.

Gwen and I have decided to have a Sew-A-Long based upon a pattern from Gertie’s book this Summer. Hopefully I will have this book in time to study it and make a hand sewn garment. She really swears by this guy. If I can’t the Elizabethan seam looks good to me. Still, I HAVE to get his book a.s.a.p.

Meanwhile here are some other resources:

Hand Sewing
Elizabethan Seam






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