Simplicity 1418


Completed dress bodice front

Here is my August Make A Garment A Month project.  The back of this Simplicity 1418 pattern caught my attention straight away.  Even at my size I think I can pull this off.  To be sure, I will make the version with a high modesty panel underneath the lattice work.  Wouldn’t want back fat showing now would I?  Though this is a modern pattern I think the dress style is reminiscent of the 1950’s and will fit within my new wardrobe nicely.

Completed bodice back


August Make A Garment A Month Project

For the first time I decided to make a muslin.  All the pro sewist divas make them and after all one of my goals is to grow at my craft.  Yesterday I cut out the bodice.  Since the skirt is simply a rectangle with a cute pleat I’ll forgo making a test piece for it.  This muslin is a thrifted bed sheet.

Muslin bodice front
Muslin bodice back

Upon initial try-on the bodice seems a little tight at the waist.  The back details of this dress include a modesty panel and lattice-work.  I had the panel piece in place, but thought I didn’t have to worry about the lattice.  That being said, those pieces show exactly where to place the sides of the back.  I need to quit being lazy and add the lattice mock-up piece so I can get a better idea of fit.  That is, after all, the purpose of the muslin.  I really need to stop trying to cut corners if I am going to take my sewing to the next level, sigh.   That being said, I am wondering if I am not also going to have to at least cut out and mock up the top portion of the skirt.  I want this dress to fit properly in the waist area and my figure is not in proportion as per the pattern envelope.  I will be grading between sizes.

After adding the sleeves to muslin and subsequent try on, the waist is definitely too small and I need more space in the bust area.  Pattern alterations from what I can tell include:

  • Bust +1″
  • Waist +5″
  • Hips +2″
  • Bodice lengthening +1″
  • Modesty panel raised +1″
  • Hem +2″

Bodice resizing. Added necessary inches via taping paper to the original pieces so I would not forget when cutting out the fashion fabric.


From where I stand this is a lot of altering.  Basically my measurements were not on the pattern envelope at all!

Full Bust Adjustment:

Princess Seam FBA

This is my first time applying a full bust adjustment.  Wasn’t as scary as I thought. Many thanks to Mary of Idle Fancy and Elisalex for sharing their expertise. I did not see a big difference in the two tutorials with exception to color coding the stitching lines. As a visual learner that was very helpful.

Stay tuned as this cute little number comes together.

Check out the vintage binding. 15cents!


Now we’re getting to my favorite part!


Sorry for the blur.

Project Particulars:

  • Fabric:  eBay seller – institchestn – $9.00
  • Muslin:  $1.00, thrifted bed sheet
  • Bias tape:  Under $2.00/pack x 2
  • Invisible zipper – Under $2.00

The lattice work came together rather easily.  The instructions were on point. I was torn between using green, red, taupe, or the butterscotch coloring.  Since red is my favorite color I literally forced myself to not use it.  Green is a color that I do not have much of in my wardrobe and I felt taupe was just too boring.   In the end I let the hubby decide.   As I’ve been working on this I am thinking I would  like a new pair of taupe pumps to complement this dress.  Now I kinda which I would have gone with the taupe bias tape.  Then again, the  butterscotch would have been nice.  Maybe red?

This dress will debut October 5 at an assembly.  I kind of don’t want to wear it before then which is why I did not put it on for photographs.  Sprawled across my cutting table does it no justice, of course.  Sigh.  Also, I’m not good at selfies though I did pull out my tripod for this occasion.  I’d just rather wait until the special day when I will have make-up on and hopefully a new pair of taupe shoes.  I suppose of there was enough clatter I’d put it on.  I tell ya, it’s times like these that I wish I had a dress form for I’ve noticed many sewists display their creations on them.

Update (10/5)


Just now seeing the photos I realize this one is out of focus, grrrr.


I really like the lattice back and enjoyed putting it together.

Simplicity 1418 Bodice








Sobriety from electric machine sewing since 2012

4 thoughts on “Simplicity 1418

    1. Oh thank you, KathyS. How kind of you to say. I do know one thing, it is comfy. I am thinking of making a crinoline for my 50s style dresses. What do ya think? I am wondering did hip size 46 women back then wear them or did they simply let their “hips do the talking”, LOL?




    1. Thanks Tash:

      Surely it will be October 5. Pics will probably go up October 6 or as soon as I can get to the computer. Girl, between you and me I am worrying if the dress will look ok on ME. Either way I will make more but probably in something non-large print. I love the fabric, but not sure how it’ll look on this big gal. Stay tuned! 🙂




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