Hand Sewn Regency Day Dress


For a period I will be sans my Tabitha sewing machine.  This will be a good time to make a hand sewn regency day dress.  It’s something I have been thinking of doing for about a year.

Back View

Comments:  Halfway through the project I realized this bed sheet fabric (most def a cotton blend) is HOT!!!!!  My goal in making this day dress was to have something cool to wear while working on our land and chilling out at the homestead.  When I realized it was a hot fabric, my interest dropped 50%.  But, I am in a sewing challenge so I persevered on.  Oh, I admit to not hemming one of the sleeves – I was so done with this project once I decided I would not be wearing the dress  :-|.

Front View: Sorry for the blur

One arm is a tad bit tighter than the other.  Not so much that I would not wear the dress had I chosen another fabric.  I am chalking the difference up to perhaps not hand sewing in a straight line.


The Elizabethan Seam will be used throughout the construction of the dress. This was my first time trying this seam style. I like the seam but I do not like mine – make sense?  No doubt more practice is in order.

I am pleased with the bodice back of the dress.  In general; however, I do not like this dress, LOL.  Bottom line, I am chalking this project up to a non-wearable muslin.  At least I got to try the pattern out for future Regency day dresses that are sure to come from my dear Tabitha.

I did promise to share the good, bad, and the ugly in my journey to vintage land.  Thanks for hanging in there with me on this one my dear sewists  😉






Sobriety from electronic sewing machines since 2012

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