Sewing Resources

online sewing resource
This is my blogroll, my go-to list of useful reading when I need to learn a new skill or look up information. In no particular order you may find it a good resource too. It’s about paying it forward.

Sense & Sensibility Patterns
Vintage Patterns
Retro Chick Vintage Fashions
Wearing History Blog

Sewing How-To: Grading and Pattern Sizing
Vintage Pattern Sizing
Making Sense of Pattern Grading
FBA: Full Bust Adjustment

Sewing How-To: Vintage Patterns
Vintage Pattern Primer
Dressmaking Research

Reading Vintage Patterns
NVL Reading Vintage Patterns

Useful Tuts!
Resizing A Pattern-Jennie Chancey
Sizing Up A Vintage Pattern-American Duchess

Stay tuned as I find more resources I’ll surely share them here.



Now you know there are myriad of sewing tutorials, advice, books on the Internet so if you have found a good one please let me know. I’ll post it for all to enjoy!





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