June Make A Garment A Month – Hand Sewn Regency Day Dress



Finally, I am going to tackle a Regency Day Dress. The Elegant Lady’s Closet is the pattern of choice by Sense and Sensibility for the June Make A Garment A Month Challenge.

Talk about going retro. Regency is the period of Jane Austen. You know period movies such as Pride and Prejudice, Sense and Sensibility to name a couple. Those ladies did everything in their long, gownish dresses from cooking breakfast, working the fields and crops, taking care of the children, everything! Sew, I figured hey, let’s give the wearing of such attire a try in my own wardrobe while living on our little farm-in-the-making. Plus, I heard tell that wearing dresses and skirts is way cooler than pants and jeans.

The neckline of choice is the one on the upper left-hand corner. It’s similar to the style that Emma Thompson wore as Eleanor Dashwood. I have always enjoyed asymmetrical and cross-over styles for necklines as well as hems which makes this view the natural choice for a first try with this pattern. I am thinking of stopping the sleeves at my elbow with this project.


One really cool thing about this project is the fact that I will be using a flat bed sheet as yardage to complete this Regency day dress. When I first spied this thrifted bed sheet – “Regency day dress” immediately came to mind. Even the hubby agreed it was a good fabric pattern for a day dress.

Another reason June’s project will be a true “challenge” is because I am making this dress entirely by hand using Elizabethan seams that I discovered at Extreme Costuming. Additionally, I will not be making a muslin (I know, the nerve of me; just who do I think I am?) I will be flat fitting the bodice pieces and doing long, hard praying. I have read the instructions to this pattern over and over again and I believe Jennie Chancey says I am to have “proper stays and underpinnings”. Well, I ain’t gonna. I know, I know, a recipe for disaster maybe? I’m not claiming that; oh no. The thing is . . . for now, I have not the money or wherewithall to make Regency stays and such. I am wearing this dress to be comfortable in my home (or even if I should choose to go to the store or Mickie Dees) and my girls will just have to behave themselves and act proper when I have this baby on.

This is sure to be a hoot, so stick with me, follow me on Bloglovin, link in my sidebar or below so you can check out the finished garment and let’s just do the thing!!!

magam button






P.S. Oh, I should share the motivation behind June’s project. I am visiting my daughter as we await the birth of her special child, my grandchild and I have no sewing machine here. Rather than not participate I thought this an excellent time to do really what my web page is all about, taking it back.


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