Hadassah Charm Tote


Clearly I have stumbled upon another favorite quilting project: tote bags. They’re cute, some are clever, definitely practical, and they are easy to make. Now to stock up on Decor Bond, Warm & Natural batting, and Inn Control (or Soft & Stable).

Pattern and charms for the Hadassah Tote

I’ve also got a thing about naming stuff. Not just any old name either. It’s got to have meaning to me.The name Hadassah (Heb. הדסה) was one of the names of Queen Esther, the heroine of the Purim story, and is now given to Jewish girls. The name is of biblical origin, first cited in the Scroll of Esther (2:7), “And [Mordechai] had raised Hadassah” ~ http://www.chabad.org/library/article_cdo/aid/1769366/jewish/What-Does-the-Name-Hadassah-Mean.htm

This beautiful batik charm pack was shared with me via one of my cyber quilting buddies, 1stladygigi. I was blown away when I opened the package this afternoon and immediately set out to think of what I could create with it.  I chose the name Hadassah because I will be using this charm tote bag to carry books and materials for weekly worship. Here is another shot of the lovely charms.



I think I’ll take another shot at getting photographs of my charms because this one doesn’t do them justice. They are absolutely gorgeous!

While it’s on my mind, check out this new book about bag making that I just found out about. Nicole M. is really into bag making and people are giving her kudos. It’s at the top of the list for my creative library.


Stay tuned as the Hadassah Meeting Charm tote comes together. Bookmark this site over at the right sidebar or below via Bloglovin.

A LQS had an assortment of buttons not unlike this one. I purchased three of the four. This one is a lime green though you can’t tell by the photograph. Check ’em out here. It looks like wood but it is not. Loving the asymmetrical shape.

Fell in love with this button style

Going on a limb (for me) I decided to make the other interior pocket larger. The 5″ charm square just seemed a tad small for my needs. I was not disappointed and thankfully I had more charm squares on hand. The off white of the lining is a repurposed bed sheet – oh yeah! I wanted to be able to see into the bag so as not to fumble around looking for things.

Hadassah Charm Tote Interior Rear Pocket

The pattern called for four charms sewn together and halved to make a double pocket. I chose two charms from the packet that were my least fav, giggles.

Hadassah Charm Tote Interior Front Pocket

My love affair with batik fabric continues. Would enjoy dying fabric myself some day.




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