Pretty Buttons


I have a thing for embellishing fabric, ready-made, custom made, whatever. Today on a sojourn to a quilt store I found these pretty buttons and knew I had to have them to go with upcoming projects. As you can see either of these cute buttons will do the trick. They are about the size of a fifty cent piece. Nice and big, but not gawdy.

Now I’ll have to decide which one to use. I am leaning toward the lime one mainly because of its unique shape. The tote that I have in mind closes with one button and loop. What a nice button to chose as a focal point.  I found an online source for these buttons and now for the life of me I can not recall the name of this style button, grrrrrr.  Guess I’ll have to return to the quilt store when the time comes IF I don’t recall before then.  🙂

Stay tuned as I whip up my Hadassah Charm Tote.





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