Versatile Wave Purse

versatile-wave-purseHere we are facing April already. My choice for the “Make A Garment A Month” Challenge (MAGAM), April 2014, is the Versatile Wave Purse. I have been oogling this purse for several months and finally got materials needed to make one of my own. For April I am stretching the rules a bit. To garner support I decided to look up the definition of garment which states, “any article of clothing: dresses, suits, and other garments.” Er ahhh, making a purse doesn’t exactly fit. But, I am hoping you participants will beg my pardon and look at things from my standpoint, tee hee hee. My rationale for making this Versatile Wave Purse for MAGAM are twofold:

  1. I will be “wearing” the purse when I carry it; and,
  2. If I recall one of the premises of this challenge is for us to do something for ourselves

This purse is for me and it is going to make me real happy. We won’t even discuss the possibilities of someone seeing my finished creation and commissioning me to make one for them. That is, depending upon the rules for licensing. Yes, I’ve contacted the pattern designer for details – just in case!

I have made totes in years past but don’t recall ever having tackled a “purse”. Sew, I will be adding to my sewing skills and getting a way cool, pretty purse. The purse even has hardware and a reversible cover. I’m very excited to be making this bag.

This sewing challenge is really fun. Click the button below and join in!

ETA: Got some pics of work so far:

versatile wave purse lining

Finally completed the stitching of my Versatile Wave Purse. Without further ado:


My ride was leaving fast so I had to shoot pics fast.

Parisian interior, red piping

I had an absolute ball working with these fabrics and the Dura Bond. It was my first time using it and I am pleased. Next time I’d like to try “Inn Control” for shoring up my bags/tote walls.

Bag inserted in cover

Piping is one of my new “things”. Sew glad to see it was popular in vintage 1950’s wear (one of my focal garment genres). I put red piping on the cover. Love it. There will be more Versatile Wave purses coming off my sewing table. The thing about this bag is it’s “versatility” in that you take the bag and make different covers. Simply move the bag from one cover to another without having to take things out of your purse. Cool, eh!

Inside of the cover

Oh, did I mention this cover is reversible too. How’s that for two bags in one?

Over at my MAGAM group this comment was left by one of the gals:

SharonRMay 13, 2014 at 7:07 AM

Wow! This looks like a bag you could buy ready-made. What a great job! I love the fabrics and the colors. Very nice.”

That made my day and I just had to copy and paste it here for a pick-me-up. Bless her heart.






Being a great quilter is 5% talent and 95% pushing yourself away from the internet!”


4 thoughts on “Versatile Wave Purse

  1. Lyric
    April 3, 2014 at 11:36 am Edit

    Can’t wait to check out your link, Dawn. Thanks for writing. Jessica and Sarah Liz, thanks for the support! I’m very excited about this pattern. Truth be told, I am hoping people will see mine and ask me to make one for them. I’ve got to come up with some type of income over here. Got too many vices; i.e., quilting, sewing, crocheting for my new upcoming grandbaby, LOL.


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