Portrait Blouse


Sew excited to be making this vintage style portrait blouse from Gertie’s New Book for Better Sewing:: A Modern Guide to Couture-Style Sewing Using Basic Vintage Techniques. I am supposed to do a muslin.  But I don’t wanna!  Looking at the blouse lengthening may be in order.  see, that’s why I need to do a muslin (rolling my eyes).  LOL!

The book is cool because she includes patterns for several vintage style garments.  The thing is . . . I’m going to have to trace them out so as to not cut the originals.  The cool thing about this month’s fabric is that it is a repurposed table cloth that I made into a circle skirt.  Unfortunately, I looked horrid in it, never wore it.  Then got the idea the other day . . . make the portrait blouse.  Red and white being my fav colour I am sure to get  much wear from a portrait blouse crafted with this yardage.  Stay tuned for the finished garment.

 And here we are, the finished garment.



Not bad for a repurposed table cloth turned into a circle skirt, turned into a portrait blouse.  I thought I would lengthen it as I started sewing the blouse.  As this is a fitted blouse if I lengthen it I believe I would also have to widen it to fit over my hips.  Not sure I want to get into all of that.  The blouse was very comfy to wear and yes I will be making many more of these.



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