Bed Sheet Fashions

Cation Designs

Bed sheets do a body good in more than one way!

The notion of sewing bed sheets into useful items is certainly not new. But, it is new to me! Really, bed sheets are simply yard goods. They just happen to be purposed for sleeping upon. Who says they can’t be used to adorn the body while in the vertical position?

Credit: Cation Designs

For my retro, vintage, 1950’s inspired purposes my sight is set on sheets that have been thrifted. Hey, I’m not too good to take direct sheet donations either. You can email me about it anytime. Half the fun is in seeing what the local thrift stores have on hand. When I think of all the vintage sheets I have seen that I thought were downright ugly I could slap my forehead because now after seeing the blogs out there I know they were a treasure trove of goodies. But hey, no need to look back it’s about sally forth and go get those vintage sheets!

Meanwhile I decided to see what other sewists are doing with bedsheets. I was not disappointed with all that is out there. My all time bed sheet sewist inspirational fave is Cation Designs.

You know I have got to pay it forward so here goes.

Regency Day Dress From Sheets
Sewing On A Budget
Vintage Sheet Blog




Look how talented she is. What a cute frock. I am so excited to get started on my own vintage/thrifted bed sheet fashions!

Since originally posting this I have made some bed sheet fashions too.






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