Hand Stitching


To feed my new obsession with hand sewing I am going to compile everything I get my hands on relative to hand sewing techniques and bring them here for future reference.

“A good stitch size for an initial goal is the 10-12 stitches/inch . .. I usually sew at 14-18 stitches/inch, with slight variation due to the weight of the fabric. I have some original chemises, petticoats, and men’s shirts that are run at 20-24 stitches/inch. Waxing your thread will strengthen it and keep it from tangling. Use real beeswax . .. . I also run the waxed thread under a warm iron; the heat sets the wax into the thread and melts away an excess that could leave a residue on your fabric.” ~ Carolann Schmitt (from S&S old forum)

“Use a thimble. I wear it on my middle finger. Part of the trick is to find one that really, really fits. However there are plastic, rubber and leather thimbles available. Buy a couple of different kinds and try them – they are not generally expensive. Or try this. http://www.taunton.com/threads/pages/t00077.asp “~ Sister Suzi (S & S’s old forum)

“The Milliner’s needles I like are also called “Straws” in the US. They come in all thickness. I like the finer ones. And yes, they do hold a lot more fabric on the “in and out” of straight stitch. The eye is small, which makes it finer for pulling through fabric but slightly harder to thread. A tailor’s trick: Thread several needles at the same time and have them ready so you don’t have to stop and rethread the needle all the time.” ~ Acacia (S&S’s old forum)

The backstitch is used for a strong seam.

Here is a tut I was referred to by Katrina, of Edelweiss Patterns. Thank you, girl.






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