Quilting Resources



As a newbie to quilting I am all over the place looking, reading, and learning the craft. Therefore, I decided to collect and link resources to help me along the way. Heaven forbid these websites, bloggers discontinue their sites, ay yi yi.

Amish Hand Quilting

Vintage Modern Quilting

I’ve decided to hand tie my first quilt and here is my go-to girl:

I love cotton and vibrant colors. “Perle cotton” seems to be the way to go!

Another perspective!
Hand Tying A Quilt

More on quilting with Perle cotton
She Can Quilt: Quilting With Jo

“One little embroidery stitch can take your quilt from flat to fabulous!”

The Best Quilter’s Knot
Heather’s Quilter’s Knot

Missouri Star Quilt Company Forum – I am learning so much from these gals and guys. Check them out!

Mary Dumelle suggested these resources (thank you, Mary):

For Newbie Quilters
Quilting Types & Styles
Beginning Quilting Series
Glossary of Quilting Terms and Definitions
One Block Only – Beginner Quilting

Free Patterns
Quilter’s Cache
Antique Geometric Designs – Historically and culturally significant designs. I’m excited about this one.

Stay tuned as this post is a work in progress as I learn more about this fantastic quilting hobby.



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