Sears Minnesota Treadle Sewing Machine

Sears Minnesota Treadle

Living off the grid obviously I needed a sewing machine that I could use. I sold the computerized sewing machine and found this gem! It is a Sears Minnesota Treadle sewing machine. A little bit about the machine. “Richard Sears had been selling sewing machines by mail as early as 1889 under the name of Henry Hoverson & Co. However, the earliest record of an organized sewing machine department, showing Sears own brand name machine, the Minnesota (named in honor of his native state), appeared in the 1894 catalog (p.172). The introductory page in the section reads “Sewing Machine Headquarters,” and includes detailed copy about the entire line.”

As far as we can determine, the first appearance was in Fall, 1899 on the Iowa sewing machine only. In Spring, 1906 on the Model F Minnesota sewing machine only. In Fall 1907, it appeared only on the Homan Model and did so until Spring 1913, the last appearance. It has the shuttle that is bullet shaped and so far for the life of me I have not gotten the hang of using it, LOL. Who knew that just because a girl can dance does not mean she can work a treadle sewing machine. Frustrated, not too long after we got the treadle we wound up getting Sears 99 Hand Crank sewing machine.

By way of an update my girlfriend showed me how to oil a treadle on her treadle sewing machine. I really should have done this one by now, but er ahh, I have been procrastinating for no good reason. If you are in want of information about your treadle machine or someone else’s Treadleon; for a plethora of information. I must admit I have NOT used Dorcas yet and it has been well over a year.

You Tube to the rescue and this wonderful vlogger; look what I found. .

This is a basic guide for learning about and using a treadle sewing machine. It will help you purchase, clean and use your treadle sewing machine. citation: and







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