Complete Wardrobe Makeover

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My current goal is a complete wardrobe makeover. A change from modern day pants and jeans clothing to Regency, Edwardian, 1940’s and 1950’s vintage style dresses and skirts. To that end I visit blogs about historical costuming and read all that I can about the topic. However, it would be so nice to find kindred spirits interested in adopting vintage and/or vintage-style clothing for everyday wear versus simply “costuming”, reenactments, or an occasional ball. I am convinced they are out there I just have to find them.

Photo: Getty Images

Projects I would like to complete by era:

Regency: Several regency dresses for day wear including working in my house and on the land, gardening, working with the animals, or whatever I decide to do.

Edwardian: Shirtwaists, skirts, and period dresses for going out in the ministry or attending Christian meetings, shoes which mimic the period (low heels).

1940’s/50’s: Dresses with cute skirts, shirtwaist dresses of the day for everyday wear, flat or low-heeled pumps.

If you or someone you know is into wearing vintage or vintage-style dress for everyday wear and not simply “dress-up” please put me in touch with them or vice versa. I’d surely appreciate it.






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