2020 What’s Happenings

My how time flies. I won’t even go into dialogue about the events of this year. We all know and we are all sick and tired of it.

That being said, my sewing this year has been face masks. Early in the year a friend suggested I make it a business. Must have been the upteenth “business” I have attempted. Can you believe it the fee for a mask was $25. She got the orders, I made ’em; sent them to her; or directly to the customer. That lasted about three weeks before the market began to flood with $6 masks.

At that price I’d give them away. But, who can obtain fabric, thread, electricity, equipment, etc., etc., etc., and maintain a “business” at $6/mask. Need I say more? [Rolling my eyes]

The photos below are some of my personal masks. most have filters sewn inside. The ones for the project that I am sewing now are much more simple (those were the instructions I was given).

At this point responding to an email from a spiritual sister of mine I now sew masks, send them to a central point and it is my understanding they are being shared with people dealing with disasters and those in need. It is what we are known to be doing, helping our neighbors. And, I am satisfied with that.

The interesting this, get this, I was about to thin out my little stash and give my fabric away to charity. I have some fabric that I know I will not sew up. Built it up during my frenzy sewing period 2011-2018. And now here I am wanting to get rid of it. Well, before taking that step the email came through inviting me to join the other sisters in making these masks. Voila, something to do with my fabrics (the ones that qualify as in cotton).

Garment sewing is at the back of my mind these days. I have enough clothing to last me until post armageddon and I have zero interest in a garment sewing enterprise.

Due to all the woman hours I have put into this blog I can not fathom deleting it, LOL. Perhaps something in life will change and I may come up with topics to post. Meanwhile, I am an Instagram rabbit hole faller downer. Over there constantly posting something – personally and student-wise. You see, I have taken up learning copperplate calligraphy AND business penmanship this year. Current pandemic conditions make it sweet for staying inside (presumably safe) while learning something useful.

Thank you to anyone still around to read this post. Last I wrote there was one or two, bless their hearts, that fit the bill.

I wish you all safety, health, and happiness. Truly, “this too shall pass”; and I am not talking due to 2021 coming in. I mean something better and everlasting. Revelation 21:3, 4.



Hot Lips Circle Skirt

Though there has been a heapa buncha sewing going on in the Ladie Lair that I have neglected to share here on my blog.  For shame.  I think I have a work-a-round.  Lately I have kept a tab in my browser pointed here.  Everytime I log on I see Sew Lyrically Vintage blog’s admin pages.  Voila!  Here I am posting my next project.

Okay, so I am excited about this project.  I saw this skirt last year sometime on the Internet somewhere.  I thought it was a FB group I am in so I went there, posted the pic and asked the originator to please stand up.  No response . . . soooooo, I don’t know WHERE I saw this skirt; but one has to join the Ladie Lair.  Event:  September 21, so here we come.

One thing hasn’t changed – my photography skills.  Let me see if I can upload a better pic.

ikea hot lips

Months ago when resourcing this fabric I believe Treasure Finds is on eBay.  As of today when I checked they have one piece available.  The dealio about this fabric:

  • Ikea of Sweden (pre-cut fabric)
  • Theme:  Hot Lips
  • Cotton
  • 47 x 118″
  • Machine wash, hot; do not bleach, tumble dry, hot iron, no dry clean
IKEA Vannerna Lappar Fabric
Design: Julia Bernholtz 2011 / IKEA of Sweden
Retired / Discontinued / VHTF
IKEA Article # 102.267.63

For some reason I was under the impression this fabric was heavy like upholstery.  Well, it is not.  Seeing as I am going to cut away the lips and applique them to another fabric I am not at all disappointed.  I was very concerned about choosing a base fabric that is too light or heavy.  There is some stretch poplin that I am pretty sure I will purchase for the base of this circle skirt.

The next concern is how I will adhere the lips to the base fabric.  Recently I Googled the topic and of course there are many choices from glue-type adhesives to satin stitch appliqueing them on.  Some of the adhesives state there will be no lifting . . . . hmmmm.  The last thing I need is the edges of the lips fraying let alone lifting up from the base.  Aleene’s Fabric Fusion is purported to be a “super strong fabric glue adheres all kinds of fabrics and embellishments to other fabrics for a permanent bond that remains flexible, even after washing (yes, you can wash it!) – so your fabrics move with you, not against you.” – See more at: https://www.aleenes.com/aleenes-fabric-fusion-4-oz-3-pack#sthash.yURbIIw1.dpuf

Stay tuned for more Hot Lips Circle Skirt adventures when the base fabric arrives.



Jenny Overalls – Closet Case Patterns | Pattern Review

The Jenny keeps crossing my path and staying in my mind. She definitely has joined my line-up. Now, to source affordable, appropriate fabric and muslin fabric.

The Fair Stitch

Jenny Overalls - Closet Case pattern review by The Fair Stitch.

Hello lovely readers, here we are in 2019 already, can you believe it? For the first review of the year, I thought the Jenny Overalls from Closet Case Patterns would be perfect, don’t you think? 😉

The pattern.

Jenny Overalls - Closet Case pattern review by The Fair Stitch. Image: closetcasepatterns.com

The Jenny is inspired by the workwear of the 40s. I love the style, the wide legs, I think they make the overalls look a bit more proper for adult, you know what I mean?

The pattern I bought is the printed version. The pattern pieces are printed on tissue paper and the instructions come in a booklet.

I find the instructions to be very thorough, emphasis on the word “very”. There are sections on how to measure yourself to find your size, fitting/adjustments and testing the fit, and applying interfacing.

The seam allowance for the pattern in 5/8″ except for the side seams which is 1″. I love that!…

View original post 585 more words

2019 Catch-up


xquibi me.png

It has been forever since I have posted on my blog.  Truth be told I have considered deleting it.  Can’t bring myself to at this point.  Instagram has been  holding much of my social media attention lately and there is only so many hours in a day.  You may meet me over there @sewlyricallyvintage.

Know this, I have been sewing!  Even attempted a small sewing “venture”.  I can’t say business because the way I was going about it was anything but business-like.  I purchased contact cards, had family and friends help me by soliciting funds for a mannequin and gravity feed iron.  Opened an Instagram account and posted photo after photo.  Oh, I even ordered a logo.

Er ah, business – not so much.  I’d say from end of summer 2017 until maybe that Spring when I threw up my hands I had maybe five orders.  And three of them were from the same woman, related to me in the faith, who wanted to assist me financially to stay in the full time ministry, bless her heart.  Oh, I had also put up an Etsy shop.  One lady ordered two skirts from me (the business was “SkirtingIt!”) and after I mailed them out I never heard from her again! ???  There was no review of my work placed on Etsy, no letter of dissatisfaction.  To this day I have not a clue.   Ghosting is a negative.

Pushing forward to positivity I will do better with remembering to post my latest projects. By means of my new hobby bullet journaling I’ll keep up with my blogging.

Thank you for sticking and staying.



Electricity Outage Oh My!

So, you know I’m sorta, kinda, maybe working toward a small cottage industry, right?  Well there I was chugging along on my client’s skirt and flicker.  Flicker, flicker, the electricity goes off.

Thankfully I had near perfectly executed this invisible zipper 🙂 beforehand.

Thank goodness for Tabitha, my 1925ish hand crank Singer sewing machine.  I pulled her out of the closet to save the day and complete this pretty Ankara midi skirt.




Brother SE-400 . . . Yay!

I am sew excited.  Last week (April, 2018) my Brother SE-400 arrived.  One of my bestie’s exclaimed, “It’s just a sewing machine, Lyric!”  Excuse me!!!  We won’t even talk about her telling her dog “Auntie Lyric is on the phone!!!!”   I told her she’d “better watch out, watch her mouth saying such things as “it’s JUST . . . “, for I would tackle her, jump on her, tickle her navel and give her a big wet kiss if she didn’t watch it, girl”.

Seriously, it has been YEARS since I last purchased a brand spanking NEW sewing machine.  Truth be told I have been kinda bagging on computerized and newer machines opting for vintage models.  Oh, don’t get it twisted, they are still my fave with their luscious, hard, metal bodies and innerds; but, I decided to take advantage of the moment and get what will probably be my last “new” sewing machine for a while.  The “SE” stands for sewing/embroidery.  I chose this model for pricing and because two features that I required:  one-step buttonholes and automatic thread cutting are included in this model.

I tell you, my hat goes off to photographers.  I attempted these photos and an unboxing video and ay yi yi . . . lighting ain’t no joke.  There is even a regular sized window right next to my sewing table.






Amongst my top choices were a Janome and I forget the other one.  Anywho, obviously this Brother won out.  As far as I am concerned the embroidery is a bonus.  Of course, I’ll have to start monogramming everything since, after all, it is included with this model.  Oh, that also means I’ll now have to begin amassing embroidery threads.  Oh darn!  Well, we wouldn’t want to be wasteful, would we; having a feature and not using it (Lyric, vigorously shaking her head).






Shucks, it’s now 5/11 and I still haven’t completed reading the manual.   I’ve even started a way cool vintage styled summer dress; still on Charliezl, my vintage Singer.  I need to quit being skurred and just get busy with Paradise.  🙂  I promise, after I complete my vintage dress this weekend I’m going to break Ms. Paradise in.  Yessssss!

If any of you are experienced with Brother in general, or the Brother SE-400 in particular; let’s talk.  Chime in with your .02.









Be Still My Beating Heart 💟

Oh, my gawd!!  I stumbled upon this and finally decided to watch.  I done died and went to heaven.

I absolutely LOVE dance!  This speaks to my heart, my soul.  Look at these ladies.  I want to dance, dance, dance!!!!

Yes, “Dance like no one is watching” people.  Just let it go.  Go for it.  I know I will.


💕💖Lyric 💖

Sewing BIG Blunder

Unpressed view; of course!


I should be shot, shamed, and disgraced for the disrespectful way I mutilated this beautiful fabric and project.  I was attempting a version of Oona Balloona’s Vogue 1239 creation; and oh my gee did I ever mess it up.  The weird thing is as I read the pattern instructions before investing in fabric and time it did not seem difficult (still doesn’t).  Golly, I do not know where I went wrong.  Wait, yes, I do. . . . everywhere!

I mean, how hard could it be to get a smooth underarm seam in a kimono style sleeve?  Seriously?  Look at this . . .   I did not have enough fabric to line the whole thing so I got this great idea to use black and white lining fabric.  Ah, yeah, genius.

Lining, underarm section

Here is a total back lining view for your edification.  Sorry for the blurry photo, but what the hey, everything else about this project went wacky.  Somehow I got the lining backwards.  It’s inside out.  The instructions had this funky way of attaching the lining then reaching in and turning it inside out or some such business. I spent hours trying to figure it out, installing, ripping and re-installing.  Then, as time became a serious factor I said forget it, nobody going to see the inside anyway, just get it in and keep it moving.  Nooooottt!!!!!


To this day I still do NOT know how to do that lining properly.

From the looks of the neck area, I guess I had totally given up at this point.  Look at the twisted serged seam.  Shouldn’t I have used pinking shears or SOMETHING for that frayed edge?

This is the outside underarm area that should have been smooth as a baby’s bum.  I don’t know what/how to correct that?  Perhaps snipping, maybe that’s it.

Same thing happened on the other underarm.

For some reason I am not ready to concede that the pattern was above my skill level.  A friend said perhaps I rushed.  I didn’t feel rushed.  But I think I started this a week before the Memorial (event to which I wanted to wear this maxi dress).  The pattern comes to the knee area I wanted to make this a maxi like Oona.  I definitely did not know how to elongate the bottom of the dress.  Perhaps I should show you the pattern.  Does this look difficult to you?  It still doesn’t to me.  Am I in denial or what?

I was so livid when I finally forced myself to concede that I literally wanted to throw this expensive pattern in the garbage.  Then, I decided to sell it. I wound up tossing it in a pattern bin. I still love, love the design.  And it would be stunning in Ankara just like Marcie’s.  Truly, I have been traumatized by this experience, people.  For real!!!!!

Showcasing this beautiful ankara print

Suppose I had sense to give up before totally finishing the project.  Besides, if I recall I needed to get to sleep that night.

For a while this thing graced Riyaz my dressform. That is, until I needed her for another project.  Then it wound up hanging in the Ladie Lair Studio closet.  I was thinking maybe cut up for a quilt.  The project pattern pieces are such that it’s a shame that I can’t repurpose the fabric. All I come up with is a quilt.  Yeah, right, as if.  Oh, of course I could make African earrings.  But, I am going to do that with the uncut scraps.  This was/is simply a *&^%() shame.

I promised sharing the good, the bad, and the ugly.  So, there ya have it.

Lesson(s) learned:

  • Yes, Joi Mahon’s pattern fitting principles should be incorporated EVERY time!
  • Make sure I can afford (have all fabric/supplies necessary) to successfully complete a project.

No cheers,